Sunny Day Real Estate

from by Joe Smith & The Going Concern



I saw you at the Sunny Day Real Estate show
All of your friends were in Redondo

When the ringing in my ears finally went away
Whatever we had was well on its way

Through the years, the tears, the beers, the dirty-underwear mistakes
I never stopped thinking I’d always be drinking here with you

I love you, I hate you, I need you, I want to get away from you
I’m addicted, conflicted, denying, not really even trying…to build a home

The Central Tavern nights and the Sub Pop scene
Brand-new chain wallets and rock & roll queens

The 10-year reunion, the scene of the crime
We took a little trip, tried to cheat time

On the drive, I-5, I tried to fall in love with you again
But in Isla Vista it really must have hit you...we’re through

I ran away from home
When I was 15 years old
Tried hard to be my own man
But you came along and turned me into yours


from Every One of You, released November 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Joe Smith & The Going Concern Atlanta, Georgia

Original rock & roll made in Atlanta.

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